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The Hameau Des Lacs is located in the heart of the Aveyron.

A department with a thousand facets, Aveyron combines landscapes and accents in all weathers.

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The Aveyron

From the wide, silent spaces of the Aubrac to the whirlwind of the market in Villefranche-de-Rouergue, from the Templar and hospitable cities of Larzac to the legends surfing the rapids of the Viaur, from the shadows of the Cathar knights taking refuge in the citadel of Najac to the omnipresent memory of the Maquisards who conquered every corner of this country, from the pilgrims of Santiago de Compostela stopping off in Conques or elsewhere to the boatmen of the Tarn...

Specialities : veal from Aveyron and Ségala (red label) and beef, coufidou, mourtayrol, tripous, goose and duck foie gras, magret, stuffed neck, game, trout with bacon, crayfish fricassee, respountsous, pascade, aligot, farmhouse cow's cheese, ...

Pastry: pies, rissole, scalded, fouace, marzipan, oil pump, spit cake.

The Lévézou

Bordered by the Aveyron and the Viaur, it runs along small roads where each bend leads to wonders.

From the Gallo-Roman Bridge of Cayla to the "Eiffel" viaduct of Viaur, from the castles of Belcastel, Roumégous, Castelpers, Taurines, du Bosc to the Bastides of Sauveterre de Rouergue, La Bastide Leveque, everything testifies to a heritage going back centuries. Here the curiosities parade.

But the great discovery for you will be this unspoilt rural nature; here no intensive agriculture, everything is cultivated with passion and reason ...

Unspoilt nature, crystal-clear rivers, farmers who are sometimes wild but who are so sincere... the love at first sight will come from this encounter with our rurality...

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Villefranche de Panat

A former 13th century bastide town, Villefranche-de-Panat is one of the "Stations Vertes de Vacances" located 45 km south of Rodez. This small town in the centre of the Aveyron is a representative sample of this hilly country of white water and lakes, alternating heather moors, undergrowth and overlooking the Tarn Valley.

A small rural commune of 800 inhabitants, Villefranche de Panat is a festive and sporting town:

Running in Lévézou: organizes big sports events (the loops of the lake, Ikalana, hiking, Nordic walking ...)
an efficient entertainment committee which proposes events all summer long.
Located at the entrance of the village, Le Hameau des Lacs takes full advantage of all the services and shops present in Villefranche de Panat :

  • food shops (supermarket and retail)
  • butcher's shops
  • bakery
  • restaurant, pizzeria
  • medical services (doctor, nurse, pharmacy)
  • Panatois cultural centre
  • leisure facilities: 2 equipped beaches with supervised swimming in July/August, hiking trails
  • fairs and markets: summer markets on Friday and Sunday mornings

What to do? What to see?

During your holidays, you will find here some of the most beautiful villages of France, historical or remarkable tourist sites ...

Edutainment visits, technical tourism with Micropolis, the City of insects, leisure park dedicated to the knowledge of insects, visit of the Millau viaduct, discovery of the archaeological site of La Graufesenque,

Historical visits with the Templar and Hospital sites of Larzac: la Couvertoirade, the Viala du Pas de Jaux, La Cavalerie, Sainte-Eulalie de Cernon, Saint-Jean d'Alcas ...

Greedy visit of the Roquefort cellars at the foot of the Combalou cliffs, visits of farms ...

For the latest information and news, visit the Villefranche de Panat website.

Don't miss them during your visit

A little further on

But also

Aligot, tripoux, Roquefort, bleu des Causses, peraglio de brebis, charcuterie,
the spit cake, the walnut cake, the fouace...
Marcillac and Côtes de Millau wine (AOC)
duck confit and liver, freshwater fish, and mushrooms.


For centuries, Belcastel has been nestled in the hollow of the Aveyron valley.



The site of Conques, a major stopover on the road to Santiago de Compostela, is a major cultural site with an exceptional Romanesque heritage.


The village of NAJAC is built on either side of a single street that climbs the eminence that served as a natural foundation for the castle that dominates it.


Founded in the 13th century, the bastide town of Sauveterre-de-Rouergue invites you to the heart of the Middle Ages.


Medieval city, birthplace of Champollion, decipherer of hieroglyphics.


Lac de Pareloup

The lévézou invites you under the sun to enjoy its 1600Ha of water. 3 lakes each equipped with 2 equipped beaches.

Parc animalier de Pradinas

A hilly park of 20 hectares to discover the animals stars of cinema: bears, wolves, falcons.

A Rodez

Notre-Dame de Rodez

a roman catholic cathedral built between the xiii and xvi centuries

Musée Soulages

Several guided tours are organized throughout the year.

Musée Denys-Puech

The museum presents the works donated by the artist Denys Puech to the city of Rodez.

Musée Fenaille

The largest collection of menhir statues in the world!